VÍNO HRUŠKA pension in Blatnička

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VÍNO HRUŠKA pension in Blatnička

The VÍNO HRUŠKA wine cellar in the village of Blatnička is a place where you can spend an enjoyable evening in the wine cellar (seating capacity 25-30 people) and in a picturesque wine bar (seating capacity up to 50 people). Suitable for company parties, seminars, family celebrations and meetings with friends. We also organise wine tasting, cimbalom folk music, dinners, rauts and many other events at our customers’ request.

In addition, we arrange visits to vineyards and a lookout terrace that has a marvellous view of the VÍNO HRUŠKA vineyards and the surrounding countryside. Visitors can hire scooters and poles for Nordic walking, and a tennis court and a small leisure centre are being built.


Accommodation is provided in three rooms with modern equipment. Each room has bathroom facilities and twin beds. The beds are 140 cm wide (for couples they can be made into a double bed). There is a shared kitchen on the premises.

The newly constructed pension offers accommodation in eight rooms, each with its own bathroom facilities and two beds (extra bed is available as well).


Car park is conveniently situated outside the pension.