The Maipo Valley vineyards have the best natural conditions for growing vine in the world. The Maipo Valley is located in the central region of Chile, not far from Santiago in the south, in an area surrounded by the Andes. The ancient local vineyards produce wines of incredible finesse and complexity. The gravel-sand subsoil drains the surplus moisture and is ideal for the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carmenére and Chardonnay varieties.

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Santa Alicia – Maipo Valley

The "Houses of Pirque” vineyard was founded on fertile lands close to the capital of Chile by Máximo Valdés, an important politician and businessman, in 1954. Today, known as "Santa Alicia", as a way of honoring the women that in each generation carry this name, the vineyard continues with its tradition of excellence and prestige. Expressed in each bottle are the decades of experience, high technology, and the privileged fruit which results from a marvellous environment.