Wine is typically accompanied by delicious foods. We have prepared a selection of original, delightful products that will captivate you with their unusual aroma and taste.

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Dried fruit

The fruit is dried in our special drying room in Blatnička. The assortment includes apples, pears and plums. The fruit is packed in gift boxes, with a choice between one and three packages of dried fruit in a box.

We have been granted the Traditional Product of the Slovácko Region label.

Pretzels with pork scratchings

These mouth-watering handmade pretzels are prepared in our Blatnička bakery. They contain minimum 30% pork scratchings, and make an ideal accompaniment to a glass of our delicious wine, as well as a nice present for your nearest and dearest.

Country paté

Traditional homemade paté from the best ingredients, a delicacy for gourmets and everybody seeking new and interesting tastes and experiences.


Green or black Greek olives and their mixture. The olives are bottled in virgin olive oil from the island of Crete. The combination of high-quality olives and olive oil makes for a unique culinary experience.


These authentic Italian crispy bread sticks are offered in three flavours: black olives, onion and rosemary. Serve wrapped in a slice of cheese or prosciutto.

Dried pork tenderloin

Pork tenderloin dried by the mountain air in the French region of Auvergne is a true delicacy. It has an inimitable taste, subtle aroma and a low content of fat. 200g of meat is used to make 100g of the product. Recommended storage temperature is about 18°C.


Discover with us a new combination of tastes. The pairing of wine with chocolate is a unique experience. We can prepare for you chocolate with your company logo.

Wine jelly

The primary taste comes from the subtle notes of grape juice; however, you can choose from several original flavours. Our wine jelly contains no preservatives and “E numbers”, and is ideally paired with bread and rolls, wine, cheese and VÍNO HRUŠKA cheese sticks as a dip.

Cheese sticks

Try salted cheese sticks, a new product in our assortment. The 100g pack makes an ideal accompaniment for a glass of VÍNO HRUŠKA wine.