Our goal is a year-round support of our partners’ sales, contributing to their marketing efforts and helping them sell our products better.

Our wholesale partners can use the name and the well-established VÍNO HRUŠKA brand of the company that makes a constant effort to develop its renown and image, as well as the range and promotion of wine and sommelier products.

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wine list

A wine list provides an idea of a company’s individuality. Its main purpose is to help customers, not to discourage them, and therefore it should not involve long descriptions of wines, just basic information including the name of the wine, the categories of quality, producer, year and price per bottle. In some cases further information might be added, but a wine list should always be simple and understandable.
Víno Hruška, s.r.o. provides wine lists for any gastronomic event, in several languages. The wine lists are prepared by our sommelier who, after a personal visit to a company and a consultation, will recommend a selection of wines, with regard to the region in which the company is located, its customers, cultural traditions, etc.


promotional stands

Adding to a varied supply of gastronomic services, we have prepared promotional stands that present quality wines with predicate and foreign wines. The stands are targeted at various cultural events such as St. Martin’s Day Feast and the seasonal offer of refreshing rosé wines.





wine coolers and racks

Wine coolers are an ideal way of storing bottled wine. They can be set to different temperatures, which is very important as every wine requires individual temperature.
Wine coolers are especially suitable for gastronomy businesses as they are flexible and user-friendly. Wine coolers with glass fronts also serve as “shop windows” for customers.




training of service staff

Our services do not end with the compilation of wine lists; we also train service staff.
Our sommelier will visit you in your restaurant with a presentation of sommelier’s minimum starting with the classification of wines, serving temperatures and the selection of glasses, through sales psychology to combining food in your restaurant with wine.

The training includes practical examples of serving white wine, decantation of red wine, wine tasting and the basics of wine vocabulary and characteristics.

The training is led by Marian Jemelík, VÍNO HRUŠKA company sommelier.

gastro wine

This area of the company’s business offers sommelier courses for the students of apprentice schools and hotel management schools, as well as for the general public interested in this field.

The course is targeted at winemaking and viticulture, wine tasting and serving, decantation, sabrage, cigar service, combining wine with food, etc.

For more information please contact:

Marian Jemelík, gastronomy lecturer, sommelier of VÍNO HRUŠKA, s.r.o.
tel.: +420 774 850 047