Italy is famous for growing vine and winemaking. The country harvests 9,000 tonnes a year, the largest amount in the world, and its wine production of around 57,000 hectolitres is comparable with France.

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Aldegheri - Veneto

The vineyards cover about 42 hectares in the hills of the famous Valpolicella area. The combination of fresh mountain air and mild breezes from Lake Garda creates wonderful natural microclimates, ideal conditions for vine cultivation.

Revello - Piemonte

Revello Farms, run by the brothers Carlo and Lorenzo, is located in frazione Annunziata in the La Morra village. Vineyards are taken care of by hand, as well as the harvest, according to the old tradition. Piedmont is the second largest of Italy's 20 regions and borders with France and Switzerland. It is one of the major winegrowing regions in Italy and produces prestigious wines such as Barolo, Barbera d´Alba and many others.

TOGNI spa - Marche

Togni Spa has always been closely linked to the Marche territory. Vast expanses of vineyards and olive trees line lush, gently sloping areas of unspoilt beauty. Production activities also utilise the most modern technology and research to ensure high standards of quality.