wine cellar and vineyards

We would be happy to welcome you in our winemaking village of Blatnička. Our wine cellar offers a cosy seating space by the blazing fire and the relaxed, friendly atmosphere of a wine bar. We will wine and dine you with delicious Moravian wines and mouth-watering local cuisine.

Your visit can be combined with a guided tour of our vineyards, a pleasant occasion with a brief lecture on vine growing with practical demonstrations in the vineyards where a lookout terrace has been built for this purpose.

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wine cellar and wine bar

You can make use of our wine cellar and wine bar every day of the year (booking in advance necessary) for company parties, training sessions, family celebrations, weddings, etc. The cellar with a fireplace has the seating capacity of 25-30 people, and our newly reconstructed wine bar sits up to 50 people.

We can organise for our customers wine tasting with a sommelier, cimbalom folk music, dinners, hot and cold refreshments, unlimited consumption of soft drinks, coffee and quality and predicate wines produced by our company.

our vineyards

Our vineyards are located in the foothills of the Bílé Karpaty [White Carpathian Mts.] nature reserve, where the terrain is characterized by varied rises and slopes at an altitude that averages about 320 m. The subsoil is limestone, which enhances aroma, mineral content and terroir, and there is also mudstone below with a high proportion of potassium that lends our wines a unique freshness and extractivity. The soils retain water and vine growing on them can draw enough water even in the most extreme dry months. The climate of the region is particularly beneficial at just the time the grapes ripen. The warm wind, föhn, blows over the Bílé Karpaty ranges, where it dries out high up and then warms up on its descent. The alternation of warm days and cool nights gives local wines their inimitable spiciness, especially to the Rheinriesling, Sylvaner, pinots and Chardonnay.

lookout terrace

Our lookout terrace has a marvellous view of vineyards and the countryside of the White Carpathians biosphere reserve. At our customers’ request, we can organise wine tasting directly on the terrace, light refreshments and roasting of sausages on bonfire in the evening.