Thanks to the largest vine-growing area in Europe covering over 1.17 million hectares, Spain ranks with the top producers on the continent. In the future, the quality of its wines might even surpass France and Italy. Spain is the third largest wine producer in the world.

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Mont Marçal - Penedés

Mont Marçal is a winery located in Castellví de la Marca, about 50 km south-west of Barcelona in the heart of the Penedès wine region. It was founded in 1975 by Mr. Sancho and is now owned and managed by the Sancho family. Sparkling wine Cava represents 70% of their production.

Catalan winemakers officially adopted the term “Cava” in 1970 to distinguish their product from French champagne. Only the wines produced by the champenoise traditional method may be labelled cavas.


This family winery was established in 2000 and owns 70 hectares of vineyards spread around the town of Nava de Roa. Like in the Hruška family, the winemakers have been passing on valuable experience for decades, thanks to which they produce excellent wines from the prestigious Rioja (Athus Joven, Athus Crianza wines) and Rueda (Monteabellon wines) regions.

La Rioja is the most famous wine region in Spain along the River Oja, and its wines have long maintained their top quality. Their high minerality reflects the local soil with a high content of chalk, limestone and iron. The climate is varied, and the winds are broken by the Sierra de Cantabria mountain range. La Rioja is divided into three sub-regions and is synonymous with classic Spanish red wines.

The Ribera del Duero region produces concentrated red wines of remarkable colour, with a fruity aroma and high intensity of taste. The region’s typical wines are harmonious and opulent. Hot days (35°C) and cold nights (12°C) provide the wines with high extractivity and refinement. The vineyards on sandy soils, clay and limestone situated at high altitude endow the grapes with the trademark local terroir. Low-growing vines are due to a less fertile soil, which naturally reduces the yield.