wine and health

Medical and biochemical research teams worldwide keep emphasizing health benefits connected with the consumption of quality wine. When raising glasses drinking to somebody’s health, we really have a strong argument in our favour!

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wine and the cardiovascular system

Health aspects of wine drinking are worthy of note, particularly in connection with the prevention and cure of some civilization diseases, especially the widespread heart and vascular disorders. Phenol compounds in wine protect veins and support the function of the heart and the circulatory system. It has been proved that a small amount of wine positively influences the circulatory system, the level of fat in blood, blood coagulation, digestion and hormonal functions; wine drinking also prevents infections. At the same time, wine is an excellent cure for insomnia, accelerates the healing of wounds and helps in dieting. A small amount of wine has a positive effect on the function of the liver as it increases the activity  of some enzymes. It has also been suggested that wine might prevent the spreading of cells in malign tumours.


french paradox

France is among the countries with the western style of living where, despite the consumption of foods with a high proportion of fats and sugar, smoking and a lack of exercise, there is the lowest rate of mortality concerning heart diseases. This paradox is attributed to the everyday consumption of wine combined with foods rich in vitamins. Countries that fall in the same category include Italy and other countries with a high consumption of wine.


social aspects

Wine has a long tradition as a social binder. It has played a special part in ancient rituals and religious ceremonies as well as in today’s social occasions such as lunches, dinners and banquets, and its consumption has always been a binding force, an international symbol of joy and a celebration.