company targets

The company targets are easy to summarize:

"Wine that tastes good" and  "Services beyond those offered elsewhere"


The company VINO HRUSKA was established in 2007. Our company's headquarters is situated in the picturesque village Blatnička, where we use local terroir to produce quality wines from this area. The secret of our success is clearly the quality of the wines, where we take care of harmony and meaningfulness.

The quality of the future wine is formed in the vineyard. That is why we take great care and attention to young seedlings and we try to make vineyards healthy and vital, since only such wines can create unique wines for many years.

All our vineyard cultivation follows the principles of successful integrated production, following the dictates of environmentally-friendly procedures. And we also planted a vineyard in the organic farming regime for the production of organic wines.

Our vineyards are located in the foothills of the Bílé Karpaty nature reserve, where the terrain is characterized by rugged surface and slopes at an altitude that averages about 360m. The subsoil is limestone, which enhances aroma, mineral content and terroir, and there is also claystone bellow with high proportion of potassium that lends our wines a unique freshness and extractivity.

In this year 2017 we managed on 77 hectares of vineyards, on which we produced 300,000 bottles of wine.


Stanislav Hruska